The Moon Panther

 And 3 Other Stories of the Mongolian Book of the Sky

Jason Shannon 

In a dystopian, post-technological Australia, Mongol horsemen and warlords form the upper crust of a conquest society. Harujin, the great conqueror styling himself a new Genghis Khan, has wrapped his talons around the entire globe. The conquest is finished, and now it’s a new beast entirely – bureaucracy.


From the desert wastelands of Western Australia to a lavish royal gala in Auckland, to the almost garish casinos and palaces of the imperial capital, The Moon Panther builds upon the incredibly rich world first established in The Hounds of Harujin. Presenting four novellas set in Jason Shannon’s The Mongolian Book of the Sky – a femme fatale assassin goes unarmed into a royal function under the watchful eyes of a hundred bodyguards; a conniving concubine digs her claws into the imperial government, cajoling and manipulating to make herself empress in all but name; desert bandits operate their own warlord state of drug running, human trafficking, and murder deep in the badlands....