The Moon Panther - 4 prequel novellas to the epic The Hounds of Harujin

Set a few years before the events of Hounds (with one novella being concurrent), this book builds on the already rich world of Harujin's global empire. How does Viola Spade, a mere concubine with no official power, maintain an iron grip on the halls of government? What was the mission that made Josephine revered amongst the assassins on Cobie’s hayloft? Just how many bandits are there deep in the desert, and how menacing can they be?


Delve deeper in the Temür Khanate. For the first time, we visit New Zealand, to see Lord Qaidar’s realm, when Josephine goes undercover as a business magnate to snuff out a corrupt collector. A lowly, small-town governor ventures into the majesty of the imperial capital to find himself a pawn in the empress-concubine’s games. Between a plethora of concubines, a lavish casino and an assassination attempt, he’s being torn left from right, and may not make it out of the capital in one piece. Deep in the most remote parts of Australia, a ruthless crime boss runs his own empire of drug-running, extortion, and sex slavery. He’s essentially the Al Capone of the desert, he’s semi-mythical, he’s evil incarnate and allegedly has enough riders under him to march on Perth.


Finally, The Moon Panther gives readers the first ever look at The Destiny of the Damned, the immediate sequel to Hounds. Included herein as an exclusive preview, see for the first time the khanate’s reaction to the final pages of Book I. The prologue of Book 2 follows a mysterious woman on her journey to Auckland, where news breaks of the dramatic end of The Hounds of Harujin.

With the exception of that prologue, the reader need not have read Hounds to tackle this book. Each novella was designed as a standalone. So whether starting here, or continuing the journey from the end of Hounds, The Moon Panther is a fine addition to the rich tapestry of The Mongolian Book of the Sky.