The Hounds of Harujin - the flagship novel of The Mongolian Book of the Sky universe.

Set during the third, fourth and upcoming fifth generation after the conqueror Harujin, this epic novel takes place in Australia - one of four 'khanates' bequeathed to Harujin's four sons. Chagatai, son of Temür and grandson of Harujin, is the khan, though has not actively governed in two years – he has not left the Concubines’ Tower in that time. The continent instead is governed by a Council of advisers, divided factionally between his third son, Qara-Monkhe, and his favourite concubine, Viola.


At the opening of the novel, a minor noble from Queensland, Chiledu, notorious for his gluttony, drinking and the poor treatment of his concubines, is slain on the roadside, along with thirteen of his riders, by one of our protagonists, Kellan. Chiledu’s death, beyond simple insurrection, invokes a certain spiritual ire – a mystical shaman on the remote north coast known as the Red Raven foresees the assassination through the ether. It is the opening of a calamity that could plague the entire khanate.


Meanwhile, we’re introduced to Courtenay, a young woman in South Australia exploring shamanism in her own way. She has good “windhorse” (spiritual receptivity), and receives her own visions from the other side. Communing alongside her sister, she has her most powerful experience yet – beginning a series of visions including sheep, seasickness, camels, foxes, breasts, fire and a red raven....

The Hounds of Harujin is over 1,300 pages (140 chapters) in length. The Dramatis Personae alone is 8 pages. And for those readers that could use a refresher on their Mongolian history, the book includes four Excursuses – information on Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, Tamerlane and the Mongol shamanic religion of Tengriism. The book is going to be released separately – as eight smaller “episodes” (ranging from 120-260 pages), and as 2 “volumes” (each about 700+ pages).